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Thanksgiving Lapbook Thanksgiving Lapbook
(**Run your mouse over my turkey on the homepage heading & he'll gobble for you!)

I finally finished my Thanksgiving Lapbook tonight.  Maybe you can use some of it. 

The Pilgrim worksheets are to be cut out & stapled for a booklet to go in the lapbook.  There's also a Venn diagram with two turkeys to compare.

The Thanksgiving Lapbook has Symbols of Thanksgiving to be stapled together for another booklet.  I couldn't think of any other symbols & who wants to color mashed potatoes & gravy?  LOL!   I made the first page for the cover and the turkey (write what you are thankful for) on the back.  Other than that, I'll just see how it all fits. 

We always fold up the worksheets and put them where they will fit.  My students love learning new folding techniques.  Joanne

**Haven't made a Lapbook yet?  A lapbook is a large piece of construction paper folded in half & you put all kinds of info on those four pages.  You fold the worksheets to make them fit.  It's basically a whole unit on four pages.  If you need more room, just add another sheet of construction paper & use one of those long staplers (then you have eight pages to work with).  I've got some pictures of other lapbooks I've made on here (somewhere).  The students love making lapbooks and they learn a lot more than just doing worksheets.  Try it!  You'll be surprised how hard they will work on their lapbook.  Even my lazy students (I'm sure you don't have any of those!) really work on their lapbook!  I kind of use a rubric-neatness, everything there, spaced neatly, etc.  My biggie-no glue running down the page!!!


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Joanne Griffin